Aug 182011

The Chilean Ministry of Economy, Mr. Pablo Longueira sent a video message to the team DragonBots. This is a very important activity in our Outreach Project, because Mr. Longueira is the most important person in the Government in the fields of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Here is the translation of his message:

“I want to send a very special greeting to the Chilean team “DragonBots” in this international tournament that are representing the Chilean people. I wish you that can achieve the success and I want that you know that for the Economy Ministry, the entrepreneurial talent, the innovation and the challenge that are you assuming is what we must to support, enhance and reward and for that I wish to the team the best of the success in this tournament that not only represent Chile but also all Latin Americans.”

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Aug 162011

Today we had the Live Mission Webcast to evaluate the robot performance on the field.

It was nice to meet James via Skype and have many people attending the event. Making this event more massive was one of  the initiatives we have prepared as part of our Outreach Project that will be presented in the following days in the section “Outreach Project” of our site. The auditorium of Universidad San Sebastián was full; we had journalists of the local press and many special guests. We also stream the event online to increase the audience and let more people be part of this project.

That’s all for today, we are tired after a very exciting day.

See you soon!


Aug 102011

With the help of Chilean Heart FRC Team 2576
( we had developed a video for a viral
campaign for the last week of competition. The idea is to share our Moonbots
activities and STEM diffusion, waiting that this activity increase the
visits of our Blog with a funny story. We use a Latin-American topics called
“El Fuaa” (The fuaa), that is a video that had being very famous for the
concept of every time “You must to give the best, and if you think that you
can’t do something, you must to take your personal Fuaa out from your
stomach and use your last energy defeating the difficulties”. We really
think that “The Fuaa” is part of DragonBots 2.0. because we never surrender
and always give our 200%.

Thanks for follow us and See you at the competition!!!!

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Aug 092011

Last weekend we tested the robot’s performance in the field. We are pleased to see how well the robot moves over the crater edges, but we detected some issues with the turns. We will need to continue working in fixing this issue.

Take a look at this video!

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

See you soon!

Aug 082011

Our team has developed a new alliance and in this case with the Engineer and Technology Faculty of Universidad San Sebastián.

After telling to the authorities about our team activities and the work developed in the last years, the Dean of the Engineer Faculty accept helping us in our mission to spread to the society the importance to study and research the STEM fields and share its significance to the Chilean people as a country, because we are walking to the development. The University trough they Communication Department will open their channels to us, to contact to newspapers and media channels. For our presentation to the judges, the University will let to use their facilities to make the videoconference connection.

We are really proud to engage this new partner because this University is one of the best private institutions in Chile and have campus in two cities, making our message going far to the south of our country.

In the following  link you can read about our first media report in the Universidad San Sebastián Web page:

See you soon with more information.

Dragon Bots 2.0. team.